Brotherly is a band that I run with Robin Mullarkey. We have released two albums, several singles and remixes.  The critically acclaimed One Sweet Life, in 2005 and the sophisticated Find First Light in 2010, have been influential and loved the world over.

We have been lucky enough to work with some incredibly gifted and generous artists.  The following musicians made invaluable contributions to our music and I'd like to thank them.  

Co-writers- Ty, Mozez, Drew Horley, Earl Zinger, Martyn Kaine

Voices- Bev Tawiah, Eska Mtungwasi, Sharlene Hector, Natalie Williams, Ty, Earl Zinger, Dedi Madden and Mozez.

Drums/Perc- Martyn Kaine, Volker Straeter, Ben Bryant, 

Keys- Kaidi Tatham, Jason Rebello, Simon Colam, Eddie Stevens, Phil Peskett

Guitar- Ben Jones, Jan Ozveren, Dave Okumu, Femi Temowo, Dedi Madden

Saxophone- Donny McCaslin

Flute- Finn Peters, Gareth Lockrane

French Horn- Nick Ireson

Strings- Dave Worswick, Jae Yoo, Robert Ares, Lucy Railton, Rakhi Singh, Max Baillie.

Remixes- Phil Asher, Mark de Clive Lowe  Shur-I-Kan

'System' has been played and covered by countless musicians and is our biggest hit to date. It has been arranged for choirs, pulled apart by drummers, added to University curriculum and puzzled over by lyricists and musicians for years.  Watch Rob break down 'System' here.

On Dec 4th 2020 Whirlwind Recordings plan to release 'Analects', a 'Best Of' album which includes 'The Code' a previously unreleased track, and adding very special guests Kaidi Tatham, Donny McCaslin and Jason Rebello.

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System Playalongs 

APRIL/MAY 2020 competition


Rob separated all the stems of 'System' so you can add your instrument. The best tracks got put together and a new version of 'System' was made! Special guests include Jacob Collier.  Click here.....


I wrote 'Rivers' from my first home studio in North London with Mark de Clive Lowe and Rima.  The album was an early example of the broken beat movement

Thank you to all the amazing Brolievers who have covered our songs and helped to keep the music alive and thriving.

Dave de Rose and I had lots of fun with this one!

Special mention to the immensely talented Taylor Gordon, for starting a Brovolution.